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Horst Eckert was born in 1959 in Bavaria, studied political sciences in Erlangen and Berlin and worked as a TV-journalist for fifteen years. Today he is a freelance writer and lives in Düsseldorf.

The newest thriller "Schwarzlicht" (Black Light) was published by Wunderlich in September 2013:

A top regional politician, the president of a federal state, is dead. Walter Castorp’s bloated body is found floating in his swimming pool. Six days before the election.
Vincent Veih is the ranking officer heading the investigation. Only recently promoted to head the elite KK11 investigations unit, he soon finds that not all his colleagues are as happy as he is about his new job. Especially not his mother, a convicted terrorist who has spent most of her life in prison. His grandfather would have been proud of him. But that’s another story...

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The thriller "Schwarzer Schwan" (Black Swan), published by Grafit in 2011, won the Krimi-Blitz award (best German crime novel).

The thriller "Sprengkraft" (Explosive Force), published by Grafit, was nominated for the Friedrich-Glauser-award in 2010.

The previous novel "Königsallee" ranked in the top ten of the international "KrimiWelt-Bestenliste".

Eckert was the chairman of the association of German, Austrian and Swiss crime writers "Das Syndikat" between 2001 and 2005.  


Incited: Marlowe-award, Raymond-Chandler-Society in Ulm 1998
Nominated for the Friedrich-Glauser-award

The Twin Trap: Friedrich-Glauser-award 2001 for the best German crime novel written in 2000 (Germany's most prestigious crime fiction award)

Schwarzer Schwan: Krimi-Blitz 2011 for the best German crime novel, a reader's prize organized by Krimi-Couch.de

several Friedrich-Glauser nominations for short stories

Writer in residence of the departement Gironde (Bordeaux) in Jan. 2008

Writer in residence of the city of Wiesbaden in May 2010 


Horst Eckert's books are translated into French, Dutch and Czech.


Annas Erbe - Anna's legacy, 1995
Bittere Delikatessen - Bitter Delicacies, 1996
Aufgeputscht - Incited, 1997
Finstere Seelen - Gloomy Souls, 1999
Die Zwillingsfalle - The Twin Trap, 2000
Ausgezählt - Paid Out, 2002
Purpurland - Purpleland, 2003
617 Grad Celsius - 617 Degrees Celsius, 2005  
Der Absprung, 2006
Königsallee, 2007
Sprengkraft - Explosive Force, 2009
Schwarzer Schwan - Black Swan, 2011
Schwarzlicht - Black Light, 2013

Sales to Foreign Countries

Bittere Delikatessen: Czech Republic (Oddych 2001)
Aufgeputscht: Czech Republic (Oddych 2001), The Netherlands (De Rode Kamer 2010)
Finstere Seelen: Czech Republic (Oddych 2001)
Die Zwillingsfalle: France (Gallimard 2003), The Netherlands (De Rode Kamer 2008) 

Foreign rights

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NEW: "Schwarzlicht" (Black Light), Wunderlich 2013 (highlight), 380 pages

"Schwarzer Schwan" (Black Swan), Grafit 2011, 381 pages - "Best German crime novel" (Krimi-Blitz 2011)


"Sprengkraft" (Explosive Force),
Grafit 2009, 410 pages (nominated for Friedrich-Glauser-Award 2010)

"Horst Eckert is the most important writer of hard-boiled crime fiction in Germany."
(Ulrich Noller, WDR)

"He is one of the leading men in the genre in Germany and can hold his own against the best that any other nation in the world can throw at him." (William Adamson, Raymond-Chandler-Society)

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